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What Canibuild?
Where Canibuild?
Cani get council approval?
Cani see how it sits on my property?

Let Canibuild provide you with the answers instantly & start building faster!

Gather property details with
one click

Stop going to multiple websites to find all the necessary information required during the planning stage of construction. Simply enter the site address and Canibuild will do the rest. 

Upload & place your designs

Canibuild allows you to cut out initial site visits and do everything online. Upload your designs and place them onto your client’s property in just a few seconds.

Position, measure & check approval.

Down to the millimetre, show your client the final product on their property without any manual planning hacks. Canibuild will tell you instantly if your proposed design will achieve council approval. 

Generate a sketch plan

Save drafting costs with Canibuild by generating sketch plans ready to present to your client.

The Advantages

No Site Visits

Your time is precious. Stop wasting it with travel. Complete your site visits from the comfort of your office and achieve everything you would a traditional site visit plus more. 

No Sales Training

Never miss a sale with canibuild. Anyone, anywhere becomes a trained sales person with the use of the canibuild app.

Eliminate Surveyor & Drafting Expenses

Save money and increase your profits. Canibuild lets you become the draftsman. Simply upload your designs and drag them onto your client’s property. Canibuild even calculates sloping sites so you won’t miss a beat. 

Quote On The Spot

Stay ahead of the game, with instant quoting. No more wasting time with manual calculations. Let the app do it for you, fast.


The Google of Construction

Canibuild is an Australian software that explores the rare intersection between construction and technology, helping builders across the world gain…

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